tall pallet racking in narrow aisle configuration with rack end protectors

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Boost Speed and Efficiency with A-Z Storage Systems Ltd Warehouse Racking

Our team is dedicated to crafting a warehouse racking system that is bespoke to your unique requirements, promoting speed and efficiency in your operations. Taking into account every aspect of your business, including available space, inventory size, type, flow, and volume, we design a warehouse racking system that significantly enhances productivity.

Whether you need pallet racking or racking for non-palletised goods, a thoughtfully designed system will seamlessly streamline your warehouse operations, making optimal use of your warehouse space.

What is Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking refers to a structured system meticulously designed to enhance storage and handling efficiency within warehouse facilities. Constructed with robust steel components, this physical framework provides sturdy support for managing high-volume inventory. Warehouse racking comes in various forms, tailored to suit the diverse needs of different operations. Its intelligent design aims to optimise space utilisation through stackable storage solutions, enabling a greater number of items to be stored within the same surface area. This not only results in significant cost savings but also allows facilities to store more items without requiring additional footprint space. Within the realm of warehouse racking, both palletized and non-palletized inventory can be accommodated.

Palletised Warehouse Racking

Pallet racking serves as an efficient storage method for palletised goods, accommodating a substantial quantity of loaded pallets across various rows and levels. The utilisation of forklift trucks facilitates convenient loading and picking processes.

In its standard form, pallet racking includes aisles between racks. However, for scenarios with limited space, mobile racking provides a compact solution that significantly boosts storage capacity. Featuring gently sloped rollers within deep lanes, this system employs gravity to automatically move pallets from the loading side to the picking face. Operating on a First-in First-out (FIFO) basis ensures automatic stock rotation. Alternatively, the push-back racking system follows a similar configuration but operates on a First-in Last-out (FILO) basis, eliminating the need for assisted stock rotation.

For ingenious space-saving, the narrow aisle pallet racking system is designed with tall frames, maximising overhead space while minimising aisle width between rows to optimise the footprint area. Despite limited manoeuvring space, a specialised forklift truck navigates the aisles to reach elevated racks.

tall pallet racking in narrow aisle configuration with rack end protectors
tall pallet racking in narrow aisle configuration with rack end protectors

Warehouse Racking Types

Non-Palletised Warehouse Racking

For warehouses with non-palletised inventory, a range of warehouse racking systems is available to accommodate items of varying sizes, lengths, shapes, and weights. If you have long loads such as timber or pipes, A-Z Storage Systems Ltd offers the design, supply, and installation of cantilever racking systems. This robust and versatile system can be used both indoors and outdoors, easily adjusted to accommodate changes in stored products, and configured as single or double-sided for direct access and optimal visibility. Long and heavy items are placed horizontally across supportive arms and can be loaded and picked up using a forklift truck.

Carpets, known for their length, weight, and delicacy, find an ideal storage solution in a carpet racking system with multiple levels of deep-running shelving slots. Similar to pallet racking, fixed beams offer weight-bearing support, and the system can be configured as single or double-sided. Special attachments on forklift trucks facilitate easy loading and unloading of carpet rolls.

Beyond carpets, this racking system proves effective for rolled items like shrink wrap, rugs, bubble wrap, artificial grass, and vinyl products.

When dealing with delicate cloth items, garment hanging racks offer an efficient solution that maximises space, increases storage capacity, and keeps items in pristine condition.

Choosing a racking system that aligns with your space, inventory, and business objectives can have a profound impact on your operations.

A customised warehouse racking system can assist you in:

  • Maximising Storage Space.

  • Reducing Set-Up Costs and Overheads.

  • Managing Stock Control.

  • Increasing Efficiency and Productivity.

  • Gaining Fast Access to the Pallet You Need.

  • Reducing the Risk of Damage to Stored Goods.

  • Maintaining Flexibility for Storing a Variety of Products.

  • Rotating Stock, As Required.

However, with a diverse array of systems available, how do you determine which one best suits your requirements? Chat to our team today for assistance.

Tailored Warehouse Racking Solutions

All Types Of Pallet Racking from Trusted Manufacturers

We have handpicked and have close working relationships with the top racking manufacturers in the UK and Europe so we know we are providing the highest quality pallet racking service. Due to being an independent company, we can suggest the best pallet racking solution from a range of manufacturers to suit your exact needs or if you have an existing racking system in place then we can source the correct racking to fit.

Our Racking Manufacturers include:

  • Mecalux

  • Dexion

  • Link 51

  • Apex

  • RediRack

  • AR Racking

  • Stow

runs of pallet racking with bridge bays for forklift access


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