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Long Span Shelving

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Long Span Shelving stands out as a remarkably adaptable choice for warehouse storage facilities seeking a cost-effective solution for manually loading larger items into bulk storage.

An excellent enhancement for your warehouse, Long Span shelving effortlessly adjusts to accommodate changing requirements. Its quick and straightforward assembly minimises disruption to your workflow, ensuring a seamless integration into your storage operations.

How Long Span Shelving Operates:

The system comprises of three key components, upright beams, shelving beams, and shelving panels. The bays and shelving panels can be adjusted to accommodate the shape, size, and weight of the items you are storing. Additional accessories, such as garment hangers, are available to meet specific requirements. The shelving can function independently or integrate seamlessly with existing pallet racking.

Exploring Vertical Storage Options:

Optimise your storage capacity within a confined area by elevating your long span shelving with fixed upper-level floors and staircases for easy access. This proves beneficial when faced with high-volume storage needs and limited floor space but ample height space. In warehouses featuring a storage mezzanine floor, long span shelving is frequently employed to store items on the upper level, freeing up the ground floor for alternative storage space.

Who Uses Long Span Shelving:

Long Span shelving finds utility across a diverse range of businesses, serving various purposes. For instance, retail stockrooms frequently employ long span shelving to store goods, while offices utilise them for document storage. Warehouses utilise long span shelving for non-palletized items, The versatility of long span shelving makes it suitable for any environment in need of an easy-to-use, hand-loading system such as

  • Warehouses

  • Retail Stockrooms

  • Libraries

  • Small Workshops

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Fulfilment Centres

  • Educational Institutions

  • Medical Facilities

  • Small Businesses

long span shelving in warehouse
long span shelving in warehouse
long span shelving in warehouse
long span shelving in warehouse

Benefits Long Span Shelving:

Long span shelving offers numerous benefits, here are just a few of them:

  • Versatile Alternative to Pallet Racking: Long span shelving is exceptionally sturdy and available in a wide range of widths, levels, and heights. It proves to be an excellent option for accommodating large, wide, and heavy loads when traditional pallet racking is not suitable.

  • Adaptable to Any Environment: Widely utilised not only in warehouses and manufacturing facilities but also in offices, showcasing its adaptability across diverse environments.

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Long span shelving stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It is easy and quick to assemble, saving valuable time and minimising disruptions to ongoing business operations.

  • Flexibility at Its Core: The shelving system is highly adjustable, allowing for easy alterations or extensions whenever the need arises. This flexibility ensures that the shelving can evolve alongside changing storage requirements.

industrial shelving in cold store room
industrial shelving in cold store room

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