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Optimise your Warehouse Organisation with Pallet Racking

This uniquely designed, space-saving pallet racking system is crafted to meet your specific requirements, providing a straightforward way to conserve space while efficiently storing large quantities of palletised goods. Pallet racking serves as a cornerstone for a streamlined operation, reducing running costs and boosting overall productivity.

Choosing the right pallet racking solution not only minimises the risk of stock damage but also ensures flexibility in storing a diverse range of products. It facilitates effective stock control and rotation, offering benefits beyond the basics. By opting for a custom pallet racking solution from A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, your storage facility can unlock its full potential. The bespoke design maximises both floor and height space, transforming your storage capabilities to align seamlessly with your operational needs.

What Is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking stands as an independent structure meticulously designed to streamline the storage and handling of palletised goods within a warehouse. It is offered in various formats, each tailored to suit diverse warehouse operations. Selecting a customised pallet racking solution that aligns with the unique needs of your operation is crucial for making substantial enhancements to your business. With a range of formats available, the key lies in choosing the right system for your storage space, taking into consideration the nature of the items stored and your commercial objectives. Opting for a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements is vital for achieving significant improvements in your business operations.

Choosing a racking system from A-Z Storage Systems Ltd brings numerous advantages. By effectively utilising valuable floor space, building height, and volume, your storage facility can be optimised to its full potential. Selecting the appropriate racking system for your needs not only reduces the risk of stock damage but also enables flexibility in storing a diverse array of products. Additionally, it facilitates efficient stock control and rotation, contributing to the overall improvement of your business processes.

Types Of Pallet Racking

There are several different types of Pallet Racking in use within the UK for the storage of palletised goods:

How Is Pallet Racking Constructed?

The construction of pallet racking involves several component parts, some of which are essential, others optional, and variations exist among different pallet racking systems. Skilled installers assemble these parts, employing lifting equipment to carefully bring them together. The key components of pallet racking include:

  • Frames: Each frame comprises two steel uprights with horizontal and diagonal bracing welded between them. These frames stand vertically between bays on base plates, providing necessary weight support.

  • Beams: Positioned horizontally between frames, steel beams are secured to the upright elements using connecting pins. Placing beams at the front and back of the bay forms pallet shelves that support placed pallets.

  • Upright Protectors: Robust guards surrounding the bottom of the uprights absorb impacts from moving handling equipment, safeguarding the structure.

  • Decking: The gap between beams is suitable for standard pallet storage, but decking can be added to prevent smaller pallets or loads from falling through. Decking materials include timber, steel wire mesh, steel panels, and chipboard, chosen based on the items stored.

  • Mesh Pallet Racking Protection: Steel or roped mesh fitted to the back of the structure enhances safety by preventing loose items from falling and causing injury or damage.

Pallet Racking in large warehousePallet Racking in large warehouse
Pallet Racking for Storage in Warehouses
Pallet Racking for Storage in Warehouses
large warehouse with pallet racking storing boxeslarge warehouse with pallet racking storing boxes
  • Pallet Stop: Installed at the rear of the racking, a pallet stop prevents pallets from accidentally falling off the back of the system.

  • Forklift Truck Guide Rails: Essential for safety in certain pallet racking systems, these rails are fitted to the outer edge of lanes (e.g., drive-in drive-through systems) to prevent collisions as forklift trucks navigate the structure. Wired guide rails are common in narrow aisle racking, guiding specialized forklift trucks between rows using radio transmission.

  • Pallet Support Rails: Found in drive-in drive-through racking systems, these replace beams to support pallets, allowing forklift trucks to enter lanes unobstructed. Rails run along the length of lanes and attach to the uprights using brackets.

Pallet Racking Solutions by A-Z Storage Systems Ltd

A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, a pallet racking solutions provider based in Flintshire, North Wales operates across the UK. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we specialize in offering various types of pallet racking solutions. Whether you seek a completely new system or wish to upgrade your current configuration, we can transform the right pallet racking system into an ideal solution for your needs.

Pallet Racking Safety

Pallet racking stands as a substantial structure supporting heavy loads, making safety a paramount concern. The obligation to safeguard individuals accessing the area is both ethical and legal, with potentially significant costs to a business's finances and reputation if safety is not prioritised. While various pallet racking accessories are designed to mitigate risks and enhance safety, it is essential to comprehend the factors associated with pallet racking safety

Annual Racking Inspections

Annual pallet racking inspections are critical to identifying and addressing unnoticed damage or weaknesses that may compromise the structure's stability of your pallet racking. Neglecting these inspections can have severe consequences, including structural failure, injuries, and damage to inventory. A-Z Storage Systems Ltd offer expert racking inspections through our sister company A-Z Rack Inspections Ltd. They are experienced and qualified SEMA Approved rack inspectors who conduct thorough assessments, flagging immediate safety issues and providing comprehensive reports of your pallet racking and cantilever racking systems. Annual inspections assure ongoing safety and prompt action when necessary.

Racking Safety Training:

Proper and safe utilisation of pallet racking requires trained operators. Training ensures correct usage, minimising damage and preventing accidents. In-house safety checks, conducted periodically between annual inspections, empower teams to identify potential risks. Through A-Z Rack Inspections again, they offer racking safety inspection training programs for operators/employees, teaching them to conduct internal racking inspections and recognise damage or weaknesses, fostering a proactive safety culture.

Handling equipment:

Forklift trucks (FLT) are common in warehouse operations and are integral to safely transporting, picking, and loading pallets into pallet racking. However, the risk of accidental collisions exists. Protective measures such as end-of-aisle barriers, upright protectors, and guide rails can be installed to absorb impacts and shield the pallet racking structure. A-Z Storage Systems Ltd offers bespoke racking protection solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Pallet racking systems are designed with maximum weight load limits that should never be exceeded. Overloading can strain the structure, leading to weakness and potential collapse. Weight load notices, available from A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, can be affixed to the structure, providing real-time access to weight load capacity information. These notices serve as a simple yet valuable addition to the structure, ensuring operators are aware of and adhere to weight limits.

Free Site Survey

A crucial part of the design process, the site survey provides insights before creating plans. During this survey, we inspect the proposed work site to ensure it's safe for racking installation. We assess your available warehouse space and gather information about your overall operations, flow of goods, goals, and budget, working collaboratively with you to determine the optimal solution for your operation.

The Installation Process

A-Z Storage Systems Ltd has a skilled team of racking installers who work closely with you to ensure a smooth installation process. We comply with industry standards for pallet racking installation. With an impeccable safety record and a reputation for quality, A-Z Storage Systems Ltd ensures that the installation is efficient and secure.

Initial Contact

The initial contact involves gathering basic information, including the project's location, company details, contact information, and a brief overview of your requirements. Following this, our advisor will schedule a meeting to visit your site, allowing for a more in-depth discussion about your needs and how we can assist.

Free Plans and CAD Drawings

Upon completing the site survey and collecting all necessary information, we use Computer-Aided Design software, specifically AutoCAD, to create alternative racking layouts tailored to match your warehouse configuration. This advanced drafting software enables realistic visualization of your facility equipped with the chosen pallet racking system.

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