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A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, Design, Supply, Install & Maintain Cantilever Racking Systems

At A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, we provide a complete service for the supply, installation and maintenance of cantilever racking. If your operation deals with long, bulky or difficult to store items then our heavy duty cantilever racking will be the most optimal solution for you. Being an open-fronted system with adjustable arm lengths, cantilever racking allow for the storage of items of all different shapes and sizes. With Cantilever racking this is a robust alternative to other conventional racking storage solutions and we specially design them for the safe storage of items such as:

Metal Sheet Material
Wooden Sheets

A-Z Storage Systems Ltd Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking systems are built with a sturdy design, utilising heavy-duty universal beam sections for the uprights and bases. Each system is customised based on individual structural requirements to offer the most cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs. You can choose from single or double-sided units with various painted or galvanized finishes. Additionally, the systems come with vertical arm adjustment on 150mm centers as a standard feature.

Main Features:

  • Horizontal Arms: Cantilever racking systems feature horizontal arms that extend from vertical columns. These arms provide support and storage for long and bulky items.

  • Single or Double-Sided: Cantilever racks can be single-sided, with arms on one side, or double-sided, with arms on both sides of the vertical columns. This provides flexibility in storage options.

  • Adjustable Arm Heights: The arm heights are often adjustable, allowing you to customize the system to accommodate various load sizes and types.

  • Open Design: The open design of cantilever racking makes it suitable for items that vary in length and do not easily fit into traditional pallet racking.

  • High Weight Capacity: Cantilever racking is engineered to support heavy loads, making it suitable for storing items like steel bars, pipes, lumber, and more, with a loading capacities ranging from 500 kgs to 15 tons per arm.

  • Accessibility: Suitable for forklifts and crane handling.

Key Benefits of Cantilever Racking Systems

Using a cantilever racking system instead of a pallet racking system offers several advantages including:

  • Ideal for Long and Bulky Items: Cantilever racking is specifically designed for the storage of items with irregular shapes, such as long pipes, lumber, tubing, metal sheets, and furniture.

  • High Visibility and Accessibility: The open design allows for easy identification and retrieval of stored items, making inventory management more efficient.

  • Customisable: Cantilever racking systems can be customised to accommodate various load sizes and weights, making them versatile for different industries and storage needs.

  • Maximised Vertical Space: The vertical structure of cantilever racking allows for the efficient use of vertical storage space, making it a space-saving solution.

  • Reduced Handling Time: Items can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily, reducing handling time and labor costs.

  • Suitable for Outdoor Use: Cantilever racking can be used in outdoor storage areas, making it an ideal choice for businesses with outdoor storage needs.

  • Organized and Efficient: Cantilever racking promotes an organised storage environment, helping businesses keep track of their inventory and maintain efficient operations.

Cantilever racking is a valuable solution for businesses and industries that deal with long, heavy, or irregularly shaped items that require organized and accessible storage. It offers efficient use of space and facilitates easy access to stored materials, improving warehouse and storage management.

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Specialised Vertical Racking Systems

Vertical racking is a type of storage system that is well-suited for the upright storage of long and tall items, such as timber, pipework, and beams. It offers a practical and cost-effective solution for organising and storing these types of materials.

A-Z Storage Systems Ltd provides a comprehensive service for vertical racking, including design, installation, racking inspections, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. Whether you need to set up a new vertical racking system or maintain an existing one, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Benefits of Vertical Racking:

  • Robust Design: Vertical racking systems are designed with sturdy frames and beams, typically constructed from heavy-duty steel sections. This ensures the durability and reliability of the system.

  • Adjustable Arms: The divider arms in vertical racking can be adjusted to accommodate different stock configurations. This flexibility allows you to respond quickly to changes in your inventory.

  • Single or Double-Sided Units: Vertical racking systems can be configured as single or double-sided units to maximize your use of available space. You can choose from various painted or galvanized finishes to suit your preferences.

  • Safe and Organized Storage: Vertical racking keeps your materials organized and makes efficient use of building height. This not only maximises your storage space but also ensures that your items are stored safely and can be easily accessed.

  • Prevention of Damage: The divider arms in vertical racking help segregate different types of stock, reducing the risk of damage during storage and retrieval.

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