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Short Span Shelving

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Short-span shelving is designed for the storage of diverse small items, providing the flexibility to be easily adjusted as your storage needs evolve. Ideal for smaller hand-loaded products, this solution consists of uprights and shelves that are fully adjustable to accommodate products of varying heights and weights.

Effortless Storage Solutions:

Short span shelving presents a straightforward and user-friendly storage solution tailored for hand-loaded products, items with split turnover, and smaller quantities of various products.

It provides excellent access, offering a choice of uprights and shelf resistance to accommodate a range of items from lightweight to heavy and bulky. The simplicity doesn't end there—it's not only user-friendly but also quick and easy to install, ensuring minimal disruption as you swiftly organize your items.

Streamlined Organisation for Small Items:

Incorporating bin fronts, dividers, door fronts, and back and side cladding ensures the safe and tidy storage of smaller products in various quantities. With uniformed shelves, sizing, and colors, you can establish a grid-like appearance, facilitating easy location of items through shelf edge labels or the inclusion of drawers.

Optimising Space:

Short span shelving slim structure, coupled with the absence of handling equipment requirements, allows for narrow walkways between shelves and back-to-back positioning. This proves ideal when aiming for extensive storage within a confined footprint area. If you prefer a smaller amount of shelf storage alongside other structures, these shelves can be efficiently placed along walls.

Short Span shelving in retail stockroom
Short Span shelving in retail stockroom
Short Span shelving with dividers in stockroom
Short Span shelving with dividers in stockroom

Benefits Short Span Shelving:

Short span shelving offers numerous benefits—here are just a few of them:

  • Adaptable Storage Solutions: Short-span shelving is versatile, allowing for the storage of a wide variety of small items and easy adjustments as your storage needs evolve.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Most short-span shelving can integrate drawers and door fronts, providing improved security and protection for your stored products.

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