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Protect Your Pallet Racking with Our Racking  Protection Equipment

Failing to safeguard your racking can have dire consequences for your operations, from damaged stock and revenue loss to the worst-case scenario, a racking collapse, leading to injuries and complete warehouse or storeroom shutdown. Ensuring each pallet racking bay is equipped with racking protection is more than a recommendation; it's a crucial step for peace of mind, injury prevention, and stock damage reduction.

The Importance of Racking Protection:

Fitting your racking with protection isn't just about safeguarding your investment; it serves multiple critical purposes, including:

  • Minimizing damage from collisions with warehouse vehicles.

  • Enhancing safety for both workers and visitors in your facility.

  • Decreasing or even eliminating rack repair costs due to collisions.

  • Extending the lifespan of your racking system.

  • Preventing downtime caused by damage to the racking system.

  • Mitigating the risk of pallet racking system collapse.

At A-Z Storage Systems Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of pallet racking accessories, including racking protection products. Explore our selection below to fortify your racking system.

Tubular Barrier Protection:

Our tubular barrier protection, typically crafted from sturdy steel, provides a robust defence for pallet racking end frames. These barriers are designed to withstand forklift collisions and other potential sources of damage, ensuring your racking system remains intact.

Secured to the floor using a sturdy base plate, these barriers not only protect your racking but can also serve to control vehicle access to specific areas, enhancing safety in your workspace.

Racking Barriers: Heavy-Duty Protection

Racking barriers are the ultimate heavy-duty racking protection solution, highly recommended for bustling warehouses.

These barriers consist of two floor-mounted column guards and a drop-in beam, providing even greater protection compared to standalone column guards. They are built to withstand the most substantial impacts from forklifts and other heavy equipment, ensuring the integrity of your racking system.

Upright Protection: Affordable and Effective Racking Safeguards

Upright protection is a cost-effective solution for safeguarding pallet racking systems, providing instant defence against collisions and other potential damage. It is available in various configurations to accommodate your specific racking system and preferences, including:
  • Column guards
  • Bolt-on column guards
  • Corner guards
  • Clip-on Protect-It column guards
Discover the ideal upright protection option to ensure the longevity of your racking system.
upright frame protector bolt on
upright frame protector bolt on
rack end protector
rack end protector
tubular racking barrier protection
tubular racking barrier protection
a yellow and blue metal racking with a metal pole
a yellow and blue metal racking with a metal pole

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