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Understanding Carpet Racking

Carpet racking features a skeletal structure composed of frames and beams similar to that used in a standard wide aisle system. What sets it apart is the incorporation of deep tunnelling bays designed to support rolls of an exceptionally long length. To achieve this, the skeletal structure extends outward with continuous duplicates of the initial row until the desired length is attained.

How Carpet Racking Operates

Resembling a larger-scale pigeonhole configuration, the gridded format of tunnelled compartments allows for the horizontal storage of tubular items. Each bay's entire lane is decked, typically using chipboard to provide a smooth base instead of rough saw timber decks that could potentially scratch and snag the delicate material. This enclosed arrangement safeguards the rolls from light, dust, and accidental bending. Multiple rolls of the same product can be stored in one compartment, ensuring organised stock management, while the open-fronted configuration provides high visibility for effective stock-level monitoring.

Effortless placement and retrieval of rolled products are facilitated by a boom forklift truck (FLT) attachment. This attachment allows the truck to seamlessly transition between pallet handling and roll handling. The pole-like accessory enters the centre of the roll to lift it from its position and transport it with ease.

How Does Carpet Racking Safe Space?

When laid horizontally the height of a rolled item is minimal, something you can use to your advantage when using a carpet racking system. Although deep, the height of each bay is shorter than that of a pallet racking bay, allowing for more bays within the same surface area resulting in maximised storage capacity. Despite the large footprint needed for the deep running rack compartments and FLT movement, you can gain more storage by laying the rolls horizontally and making the most of your high space.

Is Carpet Racking Expensive?

Carpet racking is a solution based on the wide aisle racking system which is renowned for its affordability. This is due to the simplicity of the structure which consists of frames and beams and no specialist components. Although decking is crucial for carpet racking the chipboard option is the most effective whilst being the least expensive, keeping the cost of decking to a minimum. Like the wide aisle racking system, the carpet racking system can keep up with your changing needs through its easy adjustable beams and as efficiency increases, productivity will too, resulting in a return on your investment.

Setting Up Your Carpet Racking

The straightforward components employed in constructing a carpet racking structure ensure a swift and effortless assembly process. Our proficient and well-informed installation team, known for their friendliness, will be present on-site, ready to receive all components upon delivery. They will then efficiently prepare these parts for installation. The racking will be assembled in sections, with our team utilising scissor lifts and forklift trucks as needed. Arrangements for their availability during the installation process will be organised in advance. Upon completion, our team will leave your site in a clean and orderly state, providing you with the opportunity to promptly utilise your new system.

carpet racking installed in warehouse
carpet racking installed in warehouse
new carpet racking installed in warehouse
new carpet racking installed in warehouse

Design Your Carpet Racking

For efficiently storing and managing long rolled items in high volume while saving space, a bespoke carpet racking solution designed and implemented by the trusted A-Z Storage Systems team is the ideal choice. As a specialised solution with a custom design, the initial step towards supporting your operation effectively is to arrange a free site survey conducted by a member of our expert design team.

During the on-site visit, we will gather information and understand your operational and inventory needs. This, coupled with a thorough assessment of your space, enables us to create the most effective solution tailored to your space and requirements.

Following the site visit, you will receive plans created by our team using computer-assisted software, allowing you to visualise your bespoke carpet racking solution in your space. This will be accompanied by a non-obligatory quotation.

carpet racking storing carpet rolls
carpet racking storing carpet rolls

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