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Mobile Shelving

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Mobile shelving stands out as a highly effective strategy for optimizing floor space, especially when dealing with frequently accessed items.

This innovative shelving solution has the capability to cover up to 90% of your floor space. However, the real advantage lies in its mobility, allowing seamless movement to create an open aisle adjacent to the specific shelf you need to access. Whether you require tall and deep mobile shelving for heavy-duty storage or compact office archive mobile shelving, we have customizable solutions to meet your unique needs.

Mobile Shelving in office for achieve storage
Mobile Shelving in office for achieve storage

Floor Tracking For Mobile Shelving

For certain types of flooring, our tracking can be seamlessly integrated. Alternatively, the tracking can be laid on top of existing flooring, with small ramps created on either side to prevent any trip hazards. In cases of very heavy or bulky shelving, a raised floor may be necessary to ensure uniform tracking.

Safety Features

For larger items, durable mobile shelving with mechanized motion can be employed. These systems come equipped with various safety features to accommodate the additional weight they carry. Our shelves are fitted and inspected by specialists who adhere to safety legislation, ensuring all necessary safety features are in place, considering the weight, and dimensions of your shelving and the stored products. Expertly constructed wheels and tracks are used in the production of our mobile shelving to guarantee the shelves are sturdy enough for their intended weight.

Increase Floor Space

Mobile shelving is an excellent solution for optimizing floor space, especially for frequently accessed items. Eliminating the need for aisles between each row allows up to 90% of your floor space to be utilized when mobile shelving is correctly installed.

This substantial increase in space is particularly advantageous for settings like retail stockrooms. Maximising the number of stored items allows a larger proportion of space to be dedicated to the shop floor.

Speedy Access

To optimise limited space, some companies use shelving with increased depth. However, deep shelving may hinder visibility and require items to be moved to reach stock at the back. Multiple sets of narrow, movable shelving offer increased accessibility without sacrificing floor space, significantly boosting productivity.

Additional Security

Locking mechanisms can be fitted between shelving units, ensuring secure attachment when pushed together, making them completely inaccessible. This added security is particularly useful for sensitive document archives or higher-value items.

Manually or Electrically Powered Mobile Shelving

Manually powered mobile shelving typically features a rotary handle at the end of the shelf, allowing users to move the shelves forward or backwards with a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The wheeled sliding system ensures that the shelves are not heavy or difficult to manoeuvre.

Electrically powered mobile shelving is motorized, enabling movement at the push of a button. The complexity of this can be tailored to your company’s requirements. It's possible to link the shelving with your computerized archive system for remote movement, providing access to specific files.

Benefits of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving proves to be an excellent storage solution for various needs, including:

  • Large Quantities of Documents

  • Museum Storage or Archives

  • Garments Storage in Stockrooms

  • Any Storage Requirements Where Space Is at a Premium

  • Storing Products That Require Additional Security

We are more than willing to guide you through our range of mobile shelving options and assist in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs. Choosing a racking system that aligns with your space, inventory, and business objectives can have a profound impact on your operations.

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