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Understanding Double Deep Racking

Double deep racking isn't a distinct type of racking on its own, unlike drive-in racking or powered mobile racking, which have unique components specific to their design. Instead, double deep refers to a configuration where standard pallet racking is organized.

In a double deep setup, two runs of standard Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) are placed back to back, resembling a typical selective double run. However, access is provided only on one face: the front pallet is accessible like any pallet in a standard racking system, and the back is reached using fork extensions or a forklift with telescopic forks.

When employed effectively, this configuration creates a pallet racking system with higher density than standard pallet racking, while still retaining an element of selectivity compared to very high-density storage solutions.

Optimise Floor Space, Minimise Damage, and Enhance Productivity

Double deep racking offers an effective solution for maximising your storage space. By allowing pallets to be stored two deep while maintaining access from a single aisle, this configuration significantly reduces the number of aisles required, leading to a substantial increase in available floor space for storage.

Intelligent Design

The design of drive-in racking is strategically crafted to maximise space utilization, allowing pallets to be efficiently stored across multiple rows and levels within the compact structure. Pallets are systematically arranged from bottom to top and back to front. In drive-in pallet racking, the forklift truck shares the same aisle for loading and picking. In contrast, drive-through racking involves separate aisles for loading and retrieving, making it suitable for scenarios where stock rotation is essential.

Applications Drive-In Racking

This system is well-suited for various storage facilities, including cold storage environments like frozen or refrigerated warehouses. Its high compactness minimizes empty space, reducing operational costs in temperature-controlled environments.

Drive-in racking excels for seasonal or pressure-sensitive goods. Pallets can be stored deep within the rows for extended periods until needed, making it ideal for low-turnover products with a high number of pallets per SKU. Additionally, for fragile and delicate goods, the system offers high-density storage, ensuring protection from potential damage.

Choosing Drive-In Racking for Your Business

Drive-in and drive-through racking represent just one option among many compact pallet racking systems. To make an informed decision tailored to your business needs, consider reaching out to A-Z Storage Systems Ltd today. Our design team will conduct a site visit, discussing your requirements, along with drawn-up plans and a quotation. If drive-in or drive-through pallet racking doesn't align with your preferences, alternative compact pallet racking options, such as shuttle racking, mobile racking, or pallet live racking, can also be explored.

Benefits of Double Deep Racking:

Drive-in racking systems provide a host of benefits that make them a popular choice for optimising storage space. These benefits include:

  • Maximised Storage Space: Drive-in pallet racking systems can double the amount of storage space available, offering more density than other storage systems.

  • Ideal for Bulk Storage: They are ideal for storing a single product type in bulk. However, if configured with multiple lanes, they can also accommodate various product types.

  • Individual Pallet Support: Each pallet is supported individually, reducing the risk of damage during storage and retrieval.

  • Eliminates Operating Aisles: These systems eliminate the need for operating aisles, as forklifts access goods through storage channels, making them highly efficient in terms of space utilisation.

  • Robust and Low Maintenance: Drive-in systems are generally robust and require minimal maintenance.

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