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Archive & Document Storage

Document boxes and lever arch files are difficult to store but we have the system for you. We use our Longspan shelving system to achieve a cost effective and efficient storage system for these file media.

This type of storage is a derivative of our Longspan shelving system with special height uprights to carry our style of document box measuring 267mm tall x 355mm wide x 445mm deep.
We have single sided bays at 457mm deep and double sided bays at 914mm to allow optimisation of any storage space.
The standard length is 1830mm this allows five boxes per length however we have other legnths available to again optimise you storage space. The standard heights available are (dependant on the height of the room) 1448mm to store 50/60 boxes, 2109mm to store 70/80 boxes or 2743mm to store 90/100 boxes. However if you wish to go higher we can go upto 4575mm  to achieve maximum use of space.

These shelf dimensions are based on our standard document box but if your box sizes differ then please contact us and we can design bay dimensions to suit your particular box.
The system stores the boxes two high by one/two deep. This requires boxes to be moved before you can access the box you require therefore this system is ideal for longer term storage.


Magnetic Labels

Tie plates


To acess the upper levels safely you will require approved safety steps.

Two Tier System

This Two-Tier shelving installation is created from our Longspan shelving system to give an econimcal optimum shelving solution. Ideal for large archive storage solutions.

Document Storage
The above system is ideal for long term archive storage however you may have files that are accessed often. The system pictured is the best system for this type of storage. It allows complete access to any file box to enable quick retrieval but has the added asset of being a high density system
It is also available in single or double entry bays to maximise you storage facility.

Colour Options

Orange beam/blue upright

Grey beam/blue upright

Blue beam/blue upright

If you do not see the application you are looking for or need to talk in more detail you particular storage problem then please contact us.

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