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Shortspan Shelving

Shortspan shelving is designed to be used in any environment where flexibility and weight capacity are important. It provides a high quality inxpensive storage facility suited to any needs. It is easy to assemble making the ideal system when fitting for the first time. Each shelf can also be moved easily making this a system that will evolve and change to suite you long term storage requirements. 


Magnetic Labels
Tie Plates

Shortspan shelving can carry a loads of 200Kg-350kgs per shelf dependant of the shelf width. With no nuts or rivets to worry this really is an easy system to install and adjust. The uprights and beams are fully powder coated to give a hardwearing and durable finish. The standard bay is supplied with six shelves incl. top and bottom, protective feet, and weight loading labels.
It is available in six standard heights, three widths and six depths as follows;
Heights: 990mm, 1600mm, 1980mm, 2440mm, 3050mm
              & 3660mm
Widths:  914mm, 1220mm, 1525mm
Depths:  305mm, 381mm, 455mm, 610mm, 760mm &
All shelves are adjustable. The system has unrestricted access to all sides with no bracing required.

Additional Heights Available

Galvanised Shelving

A less expensive method of shelving an area is to use galvanised shortspan shelving. However, the shelf load is limited to 100kgs UDK and  there are a limited number of bay height, shelf widths and depths available as follows;
Heights: 1980mm, 2440mm
Widths:  914mm, 1220mm
Depths:  305mm, 455mm, 610mm.
All shelves are adjustable. The shelving includes 15mm thick high density chipboard and plastic feet.

Shelf Material


15mm thick high density chipboard.
This standard and most cost effective finish for our shortspan shelving system and suitable for most applications.

15mm thick high density melamine faced chipboard.
A more aesthetic finish and is easy to wipe clean. However this comes at a slight premium.

Galvanised shelf panel.
Very hardwearing nad durable. Very affective in oily or greasy environments. However this option also comes at a premium.

Colour Options

Orange beam/blue upright

Grey beam/blue upright

Blue beam/blue upright

Grey beam/grey upright

If you do not see the application you are looking for or need to talk in more detail about your particular storage problem then please contact us.

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